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At Bose, we’re obsessed with performance — on what matters most: The little details that make a big difference and the big details that astonish. It’s in our blood. We’re expert engineers, researchers, and designers. We believe a healthy obsession is something to celebrate because it leads to greatness — not just in what we do, but in art, music, sports, science, everything. Our obsession means all of our energy is aimed at making products people truly love. So, we start with you. How you’ll feel and what you’ll experience. And then we don’t stop until we get the performance details just right. Like how well an earbud stays in your ear.

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SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker
SoundTouch 20 wireless speaker
SoundTouch 30 wireless speaker
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1. Ensure your Bose device is connected to the same network as your hub enabled device

2. Check the device is still working in the Bose app

3. Remove, reset, and re-add the device using the SmartThings App

If your Bose device is not responding as expected, visit us using the Contact the Manufacturer button below.

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