A door that can light your way.

"I put a SmartThings Multi Sensor on my door that turns on the lights when I arrive home in the evening."

—Joyce T, San Francisco
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A hallway that can turn on the heat.

"I put a SmartThings Motion Sensor in my hallway that turns up the thermostat when someone’s home."

—Adam S, Orlando
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A living room that can get the party started.

"I made a Party Routine in my SmartThings app that adjusts the colors of my lights and turns on my music at the touch of a button."

—Blake P, San Mateo
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A thermostat that I can change with my voice.

"I can change the temperature by simple saying ‘Alexa, set the kitchen thermostat to 20 degrees.’"

—Sara P, College Park
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A garage that can tell you there are visitors.

"I put a SmartThings Motion Sensor in my garage that sends me a video alert when there’s unexpected activity."

—David B, Portola Valley
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A door that knows when to lock itself.

"I put a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on my front door that activates the lock when it’s been closed for a few minutes."

—Jessica A, Tucson
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Stay Connected to Your Home and Family

The Home Monitoring Kit is all you need to turn your home into a smart home. You can then enhance your smart home by adding hundreds of compatible products.


Espresso starts brewing as soon as you wake up.

La dolce vita.

Thermostat automatically adjusts as family members come and go.

Green living. Green saving.

Lights can be controlled from another room or another country.

Security. Convenience. And a great party trick.

Water sensor sends you an immediate alert to prevent a leak from causing a flood.

The average cost to repair home water damage is $1,500.

Cameras let you see that your kids are home from school.

...or that Barkely is on the new couch again.

Lights slowly brighten as you wake up.

Sorry, alarm clocks. We won’t miss you.

Home automatically reacts to your daily routine.

You set the rules. SmartThings will do the rest.

Front door automatically unlocks as you approach.

Keys. Remember those?

Stereo plays your favorite playlist when you come home each day.

Kick back. Go nuts. Put a lampshade on your head.

Dinner starts heating up as you leave work.

Like Rosie the maid–only real.

Barkley reminds you to feed him before he’s hungry.

If only newborns were this easy...

Siren rings and flashes if there’s unexpected entry.

Send intruders running.

Pets send you a notification when they leave the house.

They sit. They roll over. And now they can text you.

Outdoor lights turn on at night as you roll into the driveway.

It’s like your home’s rolling out the red carpet for you.

Phone notifies you if your teen is trying to sneak in past curfew.

Who said teens have the upper hand when it comes to tech?

Lights change color based on the weather outside.

Looks like it’s gonna be rainy with a chance of purple.

Stereo plays the sound of loud barking dogs if there’s unexpected entry.

That’ll scare ‘em.

Stereo reads you the local traffic report as you wake up.

Sleep in. Take an alternate route. Be prepared.


Plays Well with Others

Add as many or as few smart devices as you want, choreograph them to work together in one free app, and create a smarter home that automatically reacts as life happens.


Get Started

Start with a Hub, and then add individual devices to customize your smart home.

Samsung SmartThings Hub and devices. CES 2016 Editors' Choice Award Winner. START SHOPPING

Flexible & Portable

With easy-to-install sensors, wide product compatibility, and no monthly fees, SmartThings gets home automation right.



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