SmartThings Energy

The new face of home energy monitoring

Saving energy matters now more than ever. Based on your habits, SmartThings Energy recommends ways for you to be more energy efficient. See and manage your energy use from your Samsung TV, tablet, smartphone — or even a Family Hub refrigerator.


Energy efficiency at your fingertips

Sustainable living anytime, anywhere

SmartThings Energy seamlessly shows your energy use in real-time, identifies the appliances that are energy hogs, and empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint (and your energy bill), all while running quietly in the background.

It’s simple. Use SmartThings Energy to: 

- Manage your devices all in one place 

- Identify whole-home energy usage 

- Create automations to reduce your energy usage 

Because of our sustainability efforts, our connected home experience is the first mass-market Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS) to earn Energy Star certification.

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Take action with automations

People often wonder which device in their home uses the most energy. We figure that out and make it easy for you to take action with our energy-saving tips and automations feature. 

- Create routine schedules to improve efficiency among frequently used household items, like washing machine cycles, thermostat settings, and light controls.

- Leverage AI Energy Saving Mode to adjust your devices

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