A new era for the smart home

SmartThings, along with hundreds of leading and innovative companies, created Matter to simplify the smart home and make it easy to buy, set up, and control your smart devices.

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Matter Works With SmartThings

SmartThings is a truly open platform that connects devices across brands and ecosystems, including Works With SmartThings devices.

Most Matter devices work with SmartThings right out of the box. The best part? Devices with the Works With SmartThings badge all are tested to ensure they meet our quality and user experience standards. 

Works With SmartThings

Cool, calm, and connected

Matter devices must be connected to a compatible hub. Connect using a stand-alone SmartThings hub or one built into the latest Samsung TVs, Smart Monitors, Family Hub refrigerators, and the new SmartThings Station. 

Use the SmartThings app to connect your Matter devices to your network, SmartThings, and your favorite apps in just a few taps.

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Thousands of compatible devices from hundreds of leading brands

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