Google Home

    • Product Details

      Product details


      Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own Google—always ready to help. Just start by saying, “Ok Google” to enjoy music, get answers straight from Google, manage your everyday tasks, and easily control smart devices around your home.

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      Product Features

      • Smart speaker with intelligent voice control
      • Google Assistant to engage in two-way conversations to answer a question, play a song, throw on your favorite TV show, and much more
      • Home Automation to control lighting and thermostats without leaving the comfort of your couch
      • Customizable bases to match your impeccable taste and decor

      Benefits with SmartThings

      Simplify your life by using Google Home, powered by the Google Assistant and SmartThings, to control your favorite smart home devices with your voice.

      Try saying "Ok Google. . ."

      ". . . turn on the lights"
      ". . . brighten the light in Tim's room"
      ". . . turn the living room light blue"
      ". . . turn the thermostat down"
      ". . . set the thermostat to 71 degrees"

      How To Use
        Technical Specs

        Technical Specs


        • Power Source: Wall-Powered


        This product uses Wi-Fi