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If you are a government body with the authority to request Technical Construction Files for SmartThings products for the purposes of verifying CE conformity, please call +1 650-600-8159.

Regional WEEE Take back Scheme

SmartThings has established take back systems to comply with the requirements of recycling laws.

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Correct Disposal of Electrical Electronic Equipment & Batteries

Household users should contact either the retailer where they purchased this product.

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Name Download
Declaration of Conformity - Motion Sensor Declaration_of_Conformity_Motion_Sensor_073117.pdf
Declaration of Conformity - Arrival Sensor Declaration_of_Conformity_Arrival_Sensor_073117.pdf
Declaration of Conformity - Water Leak Sensor Declaration_of_Conformity_Water_Leak_Sensor_073117.pdf
Declaration of Conformity - Multipurpose Sensor Declaration_of_Conformity_Multipurpose_Sensor_073117.pdf
Declaration of Conformity - UK Outlet EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_UK_Outlet_022718.pdf
Declaration of Conformity - Type F Outlet EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Type F_Outlet_032018.pdf
Declaration of Conformity EU - 2018 Motion Sensor EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Motion Sensor_071618.pdf
Declaration of Conformity EU - 2018 Multipurpose Sensor EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Multipurpose Sensor_071618.pdf
Declaration of Conformity EU - 2018 Button EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Button_071618.pdf
Declaration of Conformity EU - 2018 Water Leak Sensor EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Water Leak Sensor_071618.pdf
Declaration of Conformity EU - 2018 Hub EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Hub_071618.pdf