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Product Type — Switches & Dimmers, Thermostats, Outlets, Sensors, Valves
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Sinopé Technologies' main mission is to facilitate the control and management of your energy consumption by offering connected devices for the smart home. Our products have been designed to optimize your comfort and reduce your electricity bill.

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Smart thermostat TH1123ZB
Smart floor heating thermostat Zigbee TH1300ZB
Low voltage smart thermostat Zigbee - TH1400ZB
Smart water leak detector Zigbee - WL4200
Smart light switch Zigbee - SW2500ZB
Smart electrical load controller Zigbee - RM3250ZB
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1. Ensure your Sinopé device is within range of a hub enabled device and has enough power.

2. Check if the device is still working in the SmartThings app.

3. Remove, reset, and re-add the device using the SmartThings App.

If your Sinopé device is not responding as expected, contact us with the Contact the Manufacturer button below.

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