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Product Type — Sensors, Switches & Dimmers, Energy Monitoring, Light Bulbs, Remotes & Buttons, Repeater, Sirens
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Founded in 2006 in Silicon Valley, Aeotec has long focused its craft on the intelligent automation of electronics through sensor and data driven decision making. Over the years, Aeotec has established its leadership in the space known to some as home automation and to others as the Internet of Things.

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Wallmote Quad
Dual Nano Switch
MultiSensor 6
Door/Window Sensor 7
Range Extender 7
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1. Ensure your Aeotec device is within range of a hub enabled device or repeater

2. Check the device is plugged in and/or has sufficient battery power

3. Remove, reset, and re-add the device using the SmartThings App 

If your Aeotec device is not responding as expected, contact us with the Contact the Manufacturer button below.

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