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Welcome to SmartThings. Choose the right temperature. The right mood. Even the right wash cycle. All from right here.

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Set up

Download the SmartThings app. Sign up/in to your account. Now your smart home journey begins.


From lights and locks to speakers and sensors, connect and check the status of all your devices.


Dim the lights, bump the bass, preheat the oven. Your phone is now mission control for every connected device in your home.

Create locations

2nd home? Parents' house? No problem. Manage all from one app.

Manage rooms

Create the right ambience in the rooms where you work, exercise, relax, and enjoy family time.

Create a scene

Get creative by syncing multiple devices into one seamless action. Kick off movie night with a single tap.


Teach your home how best to interact with you by setting pre-conditions. If you leave home, then the locks will activate automatically.

Add members

Bring your family along to create the experiences that work for every family member.

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